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Course Description


Want to learn Chinese but don’t know where to start?  This course is specifically designed for beginners to learn the most essential Chinese quickly and effectively.  We focus on Chinese usable in everyday life, and our teaching methods will help you build a strong foundation for mastering the Chinese language.  We have developed a unique curriculum to teach beginners the four building blocks of language – to understand, speak, read, and write (no handwriting, but with computer typing, phone messaging etc. to use Pinyin to type and choose the correct characters).

What will I learn?


This course covers the most practical and essential Chinese language skills usable in daily life (e.g., greetings, outings with friends, likes and dislikes, travel and transportation, etc.).  You will learn to converse and communicate with commonly used vocabulary and expressions.  Specific skills include verbal pronunciation, reading pinyin and Chinese Hanzi words, and conversational phrasing structures and sentence patterns. 

After the course, you will be able to express yourself (speaking, reading, and writing) in most daily situations using around 300 Chinese words. 

How will I learn?


We use a multi-dimensional teaching method to deliver our custom-designed course, which is focused on placing you in real-life situations in China.  Our fully certified and experienced teachers prepare customized lessons, combining each of the following to deliver fun, interesting, and effective lessons: 

• Custom-developed course books
• High level of classroom interaction (e.g., role play, conversations)
• Full immersion in Chinese environment (e.g., field trips to a market to bargain, restaurant to order food, subway to discuss transportation)
• Classroom materials and props
• Flash cards and games to aid memorization, learning sentence structure, etc.
• Practical language application and practice (e.g., communication via WeChat)

Class Types and Costs


Evening Group Class
Weekend Group Class
Private Class