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student visa application in China

You will need to apply for a China student visa if you don't have a valid Visa to enter China and stay in China during your study.

As a fully accredited Chinese language school, SN Mandarin can issue study visa invitations for the whole duration of your course in China, including 2-6-month X2 visa and 6-12-month X1 Visa.


we issue documents for both X2 and X1 visa 

student visa in shanghai china

The process of applying for a Chinese visa is different in every Chinese consulate and embassy. It will also depend on your nationality, the country you live in and your previous Chinese visa history. 

The Chinese visa application process is different among different areas and countries. You may feel confused when you read online.

However, we at SN Mandarin  have many years of experience in providing visa support and will guide you through the process.

​The documents to be issued from our school after accepting your application are: 

1. School Admission notice : to the local visa office

2. Vsa invitation Letter : to the local visa office

3. Payment Confirmation:Course documents to support your application

Originals – For X2, normally digital versions are good, but if the local visa office requires originals, we can organize delivering the originals via DHL

​The documents to be issued from our college after accepting your application are:


1. School admission Letter 

2. JW202 Form ( private schools can not provide this form) 

3. Official School letter to Visa office for student visa application (the last letter issued after your other documents are ready)

Originals – Originals are required, we deliver the originals via DHL

X1 Visa Documents
X2 Visa Documents

We prepare the required documents listed above based on your program application documents

How to apply?

Visas for China are quite complex and it is important to pay attention when organizing them. The bureaucracy is often very inefficient.

However as long as you study at an accredited school like SN Mandarin, the authorities welcome foreign students to the People’s Republic of China and you will be able to get a visa for your course. 

Once you confirm which program to apply, we will ask you to prepare the program application documents and will then issue your visa invitation documents. Which kind of visa you should apply for will depend on how long you are coming to China for, your nationality and which embassy you are planning to apply at. 

We send documents to you so you can apply for the student visa with required documents

learn chinese and apply for student visa in shanghai
Apply for School
Apply for Visa 

Prepare and submit the program application after selecting the best course.

Contact and let us know your plan, we'll suggest the most appropriate program


depending on your location

from 4800RMB depending on the program and duration

learn chinese student visa in china
Program Fee
student visa in shanghai mandarin school
Delivery Fee


application and documents fee

Student Visa China – What Are The Costs?
X1 Visa


application and documents fee

X2 Visa
X2 student visa in Shanghai
Show Me the Program Options

X2 visa is available from 2 months to 180 days, we issue the documents with duration based on the duration of your course and give around 2 weeks longer for you to travel and prepare.

X1 Visa is available 6-12 months. 

6 months if you join one semester, and 12 months if you join two semesters together. 

Experienced – more than 10 years since 2010

Support – Let us advise you on how to apply

Guidance – If you have any questions, just ask us


Visa agencies – We know which ones are reliable

Documents Delivery

student visa in china

For X1 Visa, you need the original documentswith official stamp from government.

For X2 visa, Unless you specifically ask us to do otherwise, we will always send you the electronic copies of your Chinese visa documents first so you can apply with them and save yourself the DHL courier charges.

Student Visa Duration

Student Visa Support