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Drama Chinese Summer camp 2020 shanghai

Unique Mandarin Summer Camp

Summer Camps in Shanghai

A Unique Drama-and-Kung Fu-Integrated Chinese Language & Culture Summer Camp in Shanghai

 If you are bored of seeing the same camp information online and comparing which is better, this is what you find unique.

Summer camps shanghai - activities
Summer camps shanghai - activities
Summer camps shanghai - activities

Visits and Trips

Safe and happy outdoor visits to selected historical and tourist sites of Shanghai guided by our professional outdoor trip team to make sure the fun and safety.


Modern, clean and comfortable accommodation provided for our full camp participants. Options include homestay, hostel and university student dormitory.

Mandarin Chinese Courses 

Intensive and Immersive, taught by experienced Chinese teachers with group of similar levels to improve more than half a year of study at local school.

Cultural Activities

Various traditional, modern and popular cultural activities are organized and guided by our friendly teachers and invited masters.


Drama Chinese Courses 

Authentic Chinese language skill application and practice in role plays and play preparation. Using plays enables children to use Chinese in real conversations, expressing feelings and listening to the ideas of others. 

This is Unique in our Summer Camp !

Kung Fu Experience

Summer Camp in China has to be unforgettable! We partner with famous Kungfu Master to integrate a "light Kung Fu" class into our summer camp. Coordination, strength, and self-control are just a few of the many benefits the Kung Fu experience will bring.

This is Unique in our Summer Camp !

Different from most of the other camps, 

we integrate Drama Play that is wonderful for kids and teenagers to learn and improve foreign languages and Kungfu experience that is an irrepaceble impression about China and the culture into the camp that all participants will have an easy & practical experience and practice through our Kung Fu class and activities arranged during the camp.

At the same time,  Participants of our Chinese Summer Camp in China will immerse yourself in Chinese language and culture, whilst making new friends from all over the world. Under the supervision of our staff, students will join Mandarin Chinese classes, take part in various Chinese cultural activities, visit different historical and tourist sites in a safe environment. 

"This means, with same time, same cost, our participants will have more chance to put what they learned in class into real usages and a deeper understanding and experience about Kung Fu than just repeating their time with some common handcraft activities in the camp. A the same time, they will have great Chinese classes that really improve their Chinese and a thorough cultural experience like with the other camps."

How will the participants spend their time in Shanghai?

Morning Chinese Classes with a small group of similar level

Our Summer Camp students will join small group Chinese classes in the morning Monday to Friday throughout the duration of the camp. Taught by our experienced teachers, these classes are tailored to your level and follow our proven efficient methodology. Classes will focus on improving Chinese skills in day-to-day situations, giving you the chance to learn useful phrases for your trips around the city.

9:00-10:30  Lesson 1&2 

10:30-10:45 Break and Snack

10:45-12:15 Lesson 3&4 

Cultural Activities and Trips


After Chinese class, students will take part in a range of cultural activities through which they’ll learn more about the local culture. Students will join different activities, including:

Trips to historical and tourist sights of Shanghai (The Yuyuan Garden, East Nanjing Road, Lujiazui, The Bund, and many others)

Cultural activities organized by the school (Chinese opera, painting, Kungfu, calligraphy etc.) to develop a broader understanding of Chinese history and culture.

Summer camps shanghai 2020 - Kung fu

Comfortable Accommodation, Food and Transportation.

Our Summer Camp students will stay in a centrally located, modern accommodation close beside our school. Accommodation is comfortable and equipped with WiFi, air conditioning, a restaurant and a common area. 

The full camp program includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of the program. Participants will have the chance to try many different types of Chinese cuisine.

All group transportation during the camp is included. Our staff will pick up students up from and take them to the airport, and take them on trips, to tourist sights and to the school. 

24/7 Student Support

Leaving home and going to China can be a daunting and difficult task, but we do all we can to make our students feel at home. The comfort and well-being of all of our students is very important to us, so we will be there to support and supervise them during their entire stay.

Our team is always on hand to help. A head teacher is arranged for each 10 students and supervisors will accompany students day and night throughout the camp, and the whole team is on standby to answer questions and assist with any specific requests. 

There will also be an interpreter available to resolve any language or cross-cultural communication issues and make the trip as smooth as possible. 

Dates for Summer Camp 2024 in Shanghai

June 03, June 17, July 1, July 15, July 29, August 12

Our summer camp is going all summer round. The earliest camp starting from June 03 and the individual clients can join from any Monday. The dates in bold are more common for most campers to join and start.

The camp is available from 2-4 weeks.

Price for Summer Camp 2024 in Shanghai
Class Only Camp
Day Camp
Tailor Your Camp
Full Camp
Homestay Camp

2 weeks           5200RMB                      9600RMB                        19600RMB                   21600RMB                        Contact us                        

3 weeks           7200RMB                      13600RMB                      27200RMB                   30000RMB                        Contact us  

4 weeks           9000RMB                      17600RMB                     35200RMB                   38200RMB                       Contact us  

Group Discount:

Students can apply for our Summer Camp either on their own or in a group: 

- For early bird application before March 10, we offer a discount of 5%.

- For groups of 5 people or more we offer a discount of 10%.
For groups of 10 people or more we offer a discount of 15%.

  The price includes:

- City transport during the stay and transfer to and from the airport in Shanghai

- Accommodation       

- Meals       

- Free entrance to museums and other places of interest-

- Chinese classes (20 group lessons/week or 12 private lessons/week)       

- Activities organized by the school

- Organizational support and interpreter during the whole stay 

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