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Testimonial: Warren from UK

I enrolled for single semester course with SNMandarin Chinese School Shanghai at the start of 2012 and I have just signed up for a further year of study with them.Having experienced a previous semester learning Mandarin at a well known university in Shanghai I decided to opt for a course with smaller classes and a more personal and friendly service.

The very first thing that impressed me about SNMandarin was how helpful and patient they were when with dealing with my enquiries. That level of helpfulness and advice has also been consistent throughout my tuition. As a working professional taking time off for a sabbatical I also really appreciate being treated as a valued customer and not just a number in long queue.

The quality of teaching is also very high, the level of English speaking ability is excellent and most importantly I get a strong feeling that the teachers at SNMandarin genuinely enjoy the process of teaching and passing their knowledge and experience on to others.
If you are looking for a Chinese school in Shanghai with smaller classes, high quality teaching, and the ability to adapt and make changes according to your personal learning requirements

then I would highly recommend SNMandarin.-- Warren

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Testimonial: Catherine from Philippine
My name is Catherine Borrinaga and I am one of the student of SN Mandarin School Shanghai.

I am very happy that I am schooling in SN Mandarin school as I can defined this school as one of the best Chinese schools in Shanghai!

My teachers are friendly and can teach clearly.
I am can be much more interesting....

Thanks that I had a chance to find this School.
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Testimonial: Lewis from the UK
I've been studying at SN Mandarin Chinese School Shanghai for 1 year now and am very happy with the courses they provide.
My teacher (Jenny) has lots of experience and knows exactly what I need to improve and how to do it!
Thanks SN!

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Testimonial: Kirby from the US - 柯比

The school (SN Mandarin Chinese School Shanghai)is awesome,Jenny is great.南北中文是很好的学校,我觉得FRANK和JANE很友好。现在跟JENNY老师学习中文,她很耐心。

Actually writing on a moments notice is still difficult, typing is so much easier!慢慢做,哈哈。Jenny is great,and the school is awesome.


I have enjoyed studying here for the last six months and wish to continue my studies here in the future.

My teacher Amanda, as well as all of the teachers in SN Mandarin Chinese School Shanghai, have been more than patient and helpful, not only with learning a new language but with getting to know Shanghai as well. … the teachers can spend more time getting to know the students and the best ways for each individual to learn, getting to know our strengths and weaknesses.

It is comforting as a foreigner to meet such a friendly and welcoming group and would recommend this school to others who wish to study Mandarin. Thank you for everything!


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Testimonial: Tom from the Uk