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Private 1 on 1 Chinese class is s specially designed for clients like you who have a busy life or hectic work schedule to fit around your agenda. It’s the most effective and efficient way to learn Chinese. Lessons are customized entirely to your needs, and can be a mix of any of our offerings. Our experienced teachers will assess your needs and develop a customized study plan to help you reach your goals.

1.1 on 1 or 1 on more, at your full control 

2.Fully tailor made Chinese lessons 

3.Focus on your or your group's requirements 

4.Cover only the most interesting topics for you 

5.Flexible schedule and convenient locations

Location: At school, your office, your apartment or online
Schedule: Flexible at your control, can be from early morning to evening, on weekday or weekends. Normally two 45-minute lessons (90 minutes) per time
Cost (45 minutes per lesson):

Private Chinese Language Course

Registration & Admin200RMB/Person, two Registering together will get it free
Number of Lessons  (45 minutes per lesson) 10-40 lessons 41-80 lessons 81-120 lessons121-200 lessons 
Price/Lesson/Person 1on1200 ¥| 30$ 160¥ | 25$ 150 ¥| 23$ 130 ¥ | 20$ 
Price/Lesson/Person 2on1 150 ¥| 23$120 ¥| 19$ 110 ¥| 17$100 ¥ | 16$ 
Books and Materials150 ¥| 23$300 ¥| 46$450 ¥| 69$ 600 ¥| 92$ 
Levels to complete from beginnerLevel 1Level 2Level 3Half of Level 4
Traffic Allowance if you want teacher go to your place to teach
Your LocationInner RingMiddle RingOuter RingOnline
Fee per time3060900
NotesIt's a general fee range based on locations with close metro stations nearby, for reference and the fee will depend on the exact locations and the traffic difficulties
Available Course Options for Private Class
Chinese for Kids Course
Chinese for Business Course
Chinese for HSK Exam
Other Tailor Made Plan - Contact Us