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Course Description


Looking to progress your Chinese language skills efficiently and effectively level by level based on HSK?  Build on your current level with experienced teachers who deliver well-rounded lessons.  No matter your current level, solidify and advance all your Chinese language abilities – to understand, speak, read and write – with a comprehensive curriculum and well pass HSK exam after a course of each level.

How will I learn?


We use a multi-dimensional teaching method to deliver our custom-designed course, which is based on the standard HSK Chinese curriculum.  Our fully certified and experienced teachers prepare customized lessons, combining each of the following to deliver fun, interesting, and effective lessons: 

• Custom-developed course materials and the official Standard HSK books
• High level of classroom interaction (e.g., role play, conversations)
• Full immersion in Chinese environment
• Flash cards and games to aid memorization, learning sentence structure, etc.
• HSK Real Paper Exam preparation
• HSK Exam registration assistance

Class Types and Costs


Private Class
Part Time Weekend Group Class
Part Time Evening Group Class