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Course Description



CTS (Corporate Training School) by SN Mandarin is the first school especially set up to provide professional Chinese language and culture training service to multinational corporation and companies with international employees with the target to improve the life and business performance & quality of international employees and organizations.


Different from other common Chinese learning centers, CTS has a complete corporate training service system, solution tailoring resource, quality control system and training performance evaluation system that will realize the 4-in-1 training target: foreign students feel 100% satisfactory, HR/TM gets praise, foreign staff’s Chinese life satisfaction improves and corporate’s overall business performance improves.

Corporate Training Procedures



Needs Analysis – Planning – Demo – Plan Confirmation –Payment-Training – Tracking-& Reporting

Corporate Service System



Account Manager: Report to corporate TM/HR, offer services like invoicing, contracting, reporting…


Course Expert: Tailor special training plan according to the specific needs of each corporate


Teacher: Conduct professional training to each student according to the training plan


Learning Consultant: Regularly follow up, communicate and provide assistance to each student
APP+Online Community: Allow all students to learn, practice, ask questions, share experiences, interact with students from all over the world anytime anywhere.

Monthly Training Performance Report


CCTS team tailor monthly Training Performance Report according to the requirements of each corporate clients, so that the HR/TM will find it very easy and simple to understand the trainees’ attendance rate, learning progress, training hour completion rate… to have a clear control of the whole training project.

Professional Training Team


Average 3.5 years of teaching experiences
Strict Selection: first interview in group and then 3 rounds of selection
International Background: 60% of our teachers have experiences living, learning or teaching abroad
Business Etiquette: Familiar with international business and cross culture communication 
Professional Ethics: Love teaching, respect students, professional and dedicated

The training services we offer are including:


Global Language Coach
Other Corporate Service
Chinese language training
Cross culture training
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