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1. Natural & Direct Method 


 active involvement of the students 
 repeating practices in realistic everyday situations

 confident and encouraging communication with native speakers in target language environment


2. Interactive Teaching Method


 Partnership: Each student is paired with a partner student
 Groups: Cooperative Learning Groups
 Individual: Opportunities are open to each member in class
 Team : The group is formed based on the concept of team 


3. Walking Chinese Principal


 Practical: the most practical and up-to-date materials  
 Learn through Using: Use what you've learned in real life and learn from real life 

 Aiming Furthur: You will keep progressing and reach higher than just some  Pinyin words, 


 4. 4-Skills Integrating Improvement


 Listening:Rich-media listening materials to practice any time any places
 Speaking: Speaking well and confidently is the first priority
 Reading: Useful & Fun reading materials step by step
 Writing: Type, Email, SMS what you want in Chinese


5. Efficient Teaching Strategys


 Hi Density: high density of useful language information input
 Hi Frequency: high frequency of useful language points repeating
 Real Situation: often language practices in real life situations