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Course Description


Looking to use Chinese in professional setting? Impress clients, coworkers, or employers with your fluency in all things business – from daily usage to interviews and presentations. To meet more and more needs from our professional or business person clients, we designed this course that allows you to learn business Chinese from beginner level.

What will I learn?


This course focuses on teaching the most useful Chinese skills in a business setting. You will learn vocabulary, grammar, and expressions specific to real-life business situations (e.g., self and company introductions, client meetings, negotiations, factory visits, business trips, etc.).
After the business Chinese course, you can well pass the Business Chinese Test and get official certification that will benefit your life and career a lot.

How will I learn?


We use a variety of tools and methods to effectively teach the most useful topics.  In addition to thoughtfully selected course books, we use situational dialogue and role play to mimic realistic situations and videos to discuss current events and business trends.

Tailor Made Private Business Chinese Class and Costs


We understand business Chinese might means quite different based on different business backgrounds, so we offer private class to tailor make Business Chinese class to make sure you are learning what you really need based on your special professional background and business target.

IntermediateBeginner to Intermediate
Course hours405070160
Registration200RMB for the first time registration
ScheduleFlexible at client's convenience. Normally 2-3 times a week, two lessons per time

Standard Group Business Chinese Class (BCT) and Costs 


To meet Chinese language learners’ need for a business Chinese test,the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) commissioned the International Business Chinese Language Teaching and Resource Development Base, University of International Business and Economics to organize Chinese and overseas experts on business Chinese language teaching, linguistics, psychology and educational measurement to revise the Business Chinese Test (BCT) which has existed since 2006 on the basis of the latest research results on international language testing and business Chinese from recent years.

LevelsBCT 1BCT 2BCT 3
Course hours
Registration200RMB for the first time registration

Evening: 7-8:30PM on Mon. & Wed (HSK) or Tue. & Thur (BCT). 

Weekend: 2-3:30 PM, 15-minute break and then 3:45-5:15PM (HSK on Saturday, BCT on Sundays