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A Chinese semester abroad program is an ideal ‘gap year’ experience that will allow you to learn Chinese while fully immersing yourself in China.

The Chinese Language Semester Abroad Programme starts every other month. You may choose to study for 12, 24, 36 or 48 weeks to achieve your desired level of proficiency.

Each week you will see how your Chinese steadily improves as you focus on speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Your progress will be tracked regularly to help you achieve your goals.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate which documents your new language level.

Semester Chinese Study Programs - The Right Option for You When You Plan to:

● Reach a fluent communication level in a short time,

● Find a job in China after or at the same time,

● Experience a special Gap Year Chinese Study Program in Shanghai,

● Have a personalized Chinese study plan,

● Receive documents to apply 2-12-Month Student visa to China

Semester Chinese Study Programs Available with All Features Above

Intensive Group 30 

 6 Lessons / day, 5 days / week

30 Lessons / Week

45 minutes/lesson

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 Recommended for fast progress

Intensive Group 20

4 Lessons / day, 5 days / week 

20 Lessons / Week

45 minutes/lesson

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 Recommended and most chosen.

Flexible Group 12

4 Lessons / day, 3 days / week 

 12 Lessons / Week 

45 minutes/lesson

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Good for busy clients

Flexible Private 10-20

10-20 Private Lessons per week

45 minutes / lesson 

Student Visa Available

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Available for all levels

 Chinese Visa Document Supports 6-12 Month

Small Group Class with Great Teachers

Important Options that SN Mandarin Offers with the Semester Chinese Study Programs

Field Trips & Cultural Activities

Business Events & Internship Recommendation

Affordable and Nice Accommodation

Certificate of Completion

What Students Like Most about SN Mandarin Chinese School

Visa Supports
"Always ready Visa supports"
Learning Target
"Clear and step by step"
Skill Progress
"Speak confidently from lesson 1"
Chinese Teachers
"Great, experienced, passionate"
Learning Plan
"Flexible and personalized"
Students Community
"International & Same Minded"
Student Services
"Friendly, timely & hassle-free"
School Locations
"Conveient in City Center"
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Intensive Group 20
Intensive Group 30
Flexible Group 12
Flexible Private 10-20