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Course Cancelation and Refund Policy
We always try the best to provide the best service, but if there is any special case or situation that might cause course cancelation, here we have the cancelation and refund policy to follow.


1. The course registration fee is non-refundable;

2. The down payment is non-refundable if you cancel the course before the intended start date.

3. Tuition is refundable in full for those who cancel the course before their intended start date. If cancelation happened within two weeks after course starting, deducting the tuition of taken class (from beginning to the cancelation date). If students cancel the course two weeks after the starting, the tuition of taken class (from beginning to the cancelation date) will be deducted, and 20% of the remaining tuition fee will be charged as cancellation fee.

4. Down payment for visa supporting program is not refundable once the application is submitted.

5. If a student visa application was rejected, a refund of tuition fee (deducting visa documents fee, books, DHL delivery fee and other related costs, and deducting the course fee of the course taken) will be made under the following conditions: Returning of the original letter of acceptance and all other documents issued from the school (required by all applicants) and a Copy of the visa rejection letter. The school must be informed as soon as possible when you get the visa rejected. Otherwise, the course done before your informing will all be regarded as taken.

6. Original payment receipt must be presented while claiming a refund. 7. X2 visa or Residence Permit RP (study) processed through the school must be cancelled (at visa center) first before processing the refund.

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