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007-Weekly Chinese Idiom Podcast: 来之不易 lái zhī bù yì

Chinese Idioms 成语

Hey, Welcome to our Mini WeChat Course about Chinese Idioms. 

Today, we are going to learn and use the idiom: 来之不易。来之不易,汉语成语,意思是得到它不容易;表示财物的取得或事物的成功是不容易的。

It literally means " not easy to come", can be translated as "hard-earned,not easily come by or not be easily achieved/obtained“.

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例句 Example Sentences: 

1. 每一粒粮食都来之不易。

Every single grain is the result of toil. 

2. 胜利来之不易。

Victory is not won easily.

3. 这是一个来之不易的机会。

It's a hard-earned opportunity.

Thank you and That's all for the idiom 来之不易 today!Do you know or have something that is not easily achieved? Try to use 来之不易 in your Chinese!

It will be great to see you comment with your sentence using 来之不易 and we will review one by one and give correction if there is any mistake.


SN Mandarin Teaching Team