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Top 6 Chinese New Year Greetings – Lucky Words and Sayings



On the Lunar New Year's Eve, Chinese people starts to greet each other through text or voice happy New Year messages, while later exchange Chinese New Year greetings face to face when visiting each other during the festival. 

Do you know what are the most popular sayings for Chinese New Year? 

This quick lesson with written Chinese characters, sound marks in pinyin, and their lucky meanings will be very helpful!

Say loudly in Chinese to express your joy and love to your Chinese friends!

6 Most Popular Chinese New Year Greetings

  1. 过年好! guò nián hǎo 

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. 春节快乐 chūn jiē kuài lè

    Happy Spring Festival (Chinese Lunar New year)

  3. 新年快乐,万事如意 xīn nián kuài lè, wàn shì rú yì

    Happy New Year and may all go well with you.

  4. 新年快乐,阖家幸福 xīn nián kuài lè, hé jiā xìng fú

    Happy New Year and wish you a happy family.

  5. 新春快乐,吉祥如意 xīn chūn kuài lè, jí xiáng rú yì

    Happy New Year and, good fortune as you wish

  6. 新年快乐,牛年大吉 xīn nián kuài lè,niú nián dà jí

    Happy New Year and Lucky Year of the Ox

You can add beginnings before New Year greetings

  1. 祝你…… zhù nǐ 

    Wish you… (for the same or younger generations)

  2. 祝您…… zhù nín

    Wish you… (for elder or respected people)

  3. 祝你新年快乐 zhù nǐ xīn nián kuài lè

    Wish you a happy New Year!

A Complete Greeting Sample

(*** name or the address, like 张老师 for Teacher Zhang) , 


gěi nín bài nián le ,zhù nín xīn chūn kuài lè , jí xiáng rú yì , 

hé jiā xìng fú ,wàn shì rú yì ! 

Dear ***, as the CNY is coming, I wish you Happy new year, good fortune as you wish, a happy family together and may all go well with you!


Is this helpful? Learn and say loudly in Chinese to express 

your joy and love to your Chinese friends today !

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