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Christmas Gift! Free Level Test and special offer for learning Chinese online!

Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming! What would you do during the holiday?

Some would plan a small trip around the city or town and avoid traveling to busy places to keep safe from the virus.

Some would stay together with family for a quiet but joyful time at home.

Some would use the time to have an intensive program to improve their Mandarin level, ie. speaking, or exam preparation.

If you're also thinking of looking for a good online Mandarin learning package, our Christmas Online Mandarin Class offer would be a best option.

You can choose to do a private 1-1 class.

Or join an open group to learn and improve together with other international friends!

The offer is only from 399RMB.

Special Gift

Do you want to know if your Chinese improved or not in 2020? 

The HSK Exam has been paused for so long because of Covid-19 that many of our students are looking for an easy way for a level test.

The good news to share is that our teaching dpt. has designed 3 level tests for you to easily take the level test in WeChat and get the result immediately after the test.

There are 3 tests, one for HSK1-3, one for HSK3-4 and one for HSK4-6.

Scan the Test Code in the poster below to receive the test entry link and do the test at your convenience!