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How to apply for a 2-12-month student visa to study Chinese language in Shanghai, China?

Student Visa (X)

The Chinese Consulate grants two different types of student (X) visas.

If the applicant’s studying duration is less than 180 days, it will be an X2 visa and single entry. If the studying duration is over 180 days, then it will be an X1 visa. X1 is the perquisite to obtain a residence permit in China. The duration of study is on your admission letter. X1visa will be transferred to student residence permit within the first 30 days after your arrival in China.

X2 Visa:

X2 visa is mainly available to apply from outside China, with our school admission letter, invitation letter and other supporting documents after receiving your program application.

The duration is depending on the duration of your class. It's from 2 months to 180 days. We normally give extra 2-4 weeks longer than your study period to allow you more time to travel or prepare after the study.

X1 Visa:

X1 visa can be applied directly in China if you're already in China when you apply for our Chinese language program and don't want to leave to apply from outside.

Note: Private Chinese language schools cannot get the government documents: JW202 from that is a must for X1 visa. We issue the documents including JW202 form from our college license and qualification.

Normally, only when your current visa is student visa or residence permit can you apply without leaving. This year, because of the COVID-19, the visa office is giving more chances for non-student visas, like tourist visa, business visa, temporary visa, working visa, visiting visa to transfer directly in Shanghai if you have the complete set of documents from our school or other universities.

What documents do you need to apply for X1 student visa in Shanghai, China?

The documents required from your school or university are:

1. School admission Letter

2. JW202 Form ( make sure you can get it)

3. Official School letter to Visa office for student visa application (the last letter issued after your other documents are ready)

From your side:

1. Passport

2. Local Residence Form ( from the police station)

3. Health check report ( X1 visa requires health check report that will be asked when you transfer to residence permit)

4. Visa application form ( to be filled in the visa office)

What programs are available for you to join and get the documents for student visa?

-Degree programs in universities

-Semester Mandarin Chinese Language Programs

Below, you can find a list of our semester Chinese programs for your options:

Semester Chinese Study Programs

The Right Option for You When You Plan to:

● Reach a fluent communication level in a short time,
● Find a job in China after or at the same time,
● Experience a special Gap Year Chinese Study Program in Shanghai,
● Have a personalized Chinese study plan,

● Receive documents to apply 2-12-Month Student visa to China

Intensive Group 20

4 Lessons / day, 5 days / week 

20 Lessons / Week

45 minutes/lesson

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Recommended and most chosen.

Flexible Group 12

4 Lessons / day, 3 days / week 

 12 Lessons / Week 

45 minutes/lesson

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Good for busy clients, but only available when you are above HSK5 levels.

Flexible Private 10-20

10-20 Private Lessons per week

45 minutes / lesson 

Student Visa Available

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Available for all levels

Intensive Group 30 

 6 Lessons / day, 5 days / week

30 Lessons / Week

45 minutes/lesson

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Recommended for fast progress

If you're planning to take a Chinese language program in Shanghai and apply for a 2-12 month student visa in Shanghai, our programs and efficient admission process will be a great option for you.

Feel free to contact us to learn more.

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