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Online Workshop Invitation: Unlock Chinese Valentine's Day
You might be already seeing many news or posters about 七夕 Qi Xi since this week. 
It's because the Chinese Valentine's Day is coming on next Tuesday this year.
A bilingual workshop to learn about Chinese culture and practise Chinese online!

Do you know what exactly Qi Xi is?

We will have a Culture Workshop about Qi Xi this Sunday evening!

You will get to well understand:

The origin of the festival.

The festival tradition and historical story.

What ppl do these days on this day.

What this might influence you in China.

We will also have open talk about:

What about your country? 

Do you have similar festival?

The romantic ideas in your country?

Also, we have games

Mini Game and contest about the festival and awards!

Learn Paper Cutting and get your double-happiness!

And, lucky draw!

Wing Chun class from our event sponsor ju yong town Wing Chun School in Shanghai

Join us Online!

When: 19:00-20:30 on Aug. 23

Who: International Friends 

How: Through Online Meeting Program

Cost: 60RMB; 

FREE for SN Mandarin Alumni 

(including past and current students)

And our Alumni has the right to invite 1 friend to join Free!

RSVP: before 13:00 Aug. 23

How to book the seat?

Click the invitation below to book as early as possible!

Chinese culture-Qi Xi Festival