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How to Register for HSK Exam on the Official Website Yourself?

Step 1

Go to the official website and register an account


HSK registration online

Select the language to access from the top language option bar. Let's take "English" for eg.

Choose Test Taker, and "New User" if you don't have an account yet, toregister your personal account that you can use to log in to check your exam result in the future.

Please use an email that you use often and remember the password.

Step 2: 

Register for Exam

After account registration and log in with your account, go to exam registration. 

Choose the level you'd like to take: Level I (1) to VI (6)

Step 3:

Choose a Test Center closest to you

register for HSK online

Follow the form to find available exam centers in your city or a city close to you if there are no centers in your city.

Note: The city names and district names are in Chinese ( for cities in China), so please get help if you don't well understand. 


Different centers have different dates and exam formats, so you can try each of them to see if they have the dates and format that you target to take the exam.

To show more clearly, we did a sample video for your help.

Both the Paper-based and Internet-based exams
 require you to take the exam at the exam center in person.

There is No internet Based to take at home now!

Step 4

Fill your personal information

HSK classes online

Attention: Make sure your personal information is correct and the same as your passport. It will be in your exam ticket.

Step 5

Upload Photo

Attention: Please use a photo of the passport photo style, the exam photo isNOT a good style as required. It will be the photo to be shown in your certificate for a high level. So try to have a good one:)

Follow the button above to cut, a standard frame will show up for you to chop the photo to a good size and then click "Complete" to complete the photo upload.

Step 6

Pay online

HSK exam registration online

It supports online bank transfer and WeChat payment.

There is a small online payment process fee, you will see the notice when you click to pay.

After completing the payment, you complete the registration.

You can go to your personal center to check the information and download your exam ticket 1 week before the exam, normally, to print and bring to the exam. 

Test notices will be sent to the email that you used to register your account, so please make sure you check your email often.

HSK Mock Exam Online

SN Mandarin offers Online HSK Mock Exams that you can take to understand the exam structure, understand how difficult is the exam. It's the same as the internet-based exam.

If you're our clients, we offer it for free, please contact your teacher or course consultant to claim your Mock Exam ticket for Free.

If you are not our clients yet, we have a Mock Exam and Analysis course to join, only 19RMB now, originally 250RMB, please contact us for more information.

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