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Is it true that the HSK exam will be overhauled to 9 levels?

Have you read the news that the HSK will be overhauled?

Many of our students asked, "is it true"?

The answer is Yes!

Actually it's a plan from 3 years ago, but not it has finally confirmed yet. Even now, there is still no clear news about when or how will it be released for actual exam process. 

According to the inside dope, the new exam might start from late this year  

As we all know, the current exams are mostly paused because of the COVID-19 control. If it's true, there seems to be so little time for those who plan to take the current exam and get the certificates before new exam starts.

We see that recently, there are some exam centers gradually open the exam registration. So far, the earliest possible date is Sept. 19, 2020 in Shanghai.

We will keep a close eye on the dates and update here, please follow us to receive the latest news about HSK dates.

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