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You won't Get It Until You Start Learning Chinese…

You won't Get It Until You Start Learning Chinese…

1. “Wear as many clothes as possible (in winter)” and “wear as little clothes as possible (in summer)” can be written in the same way.

2. When you have no idea what somebody just said, reply with “dùi ya”. In whatever tone, it gives the answer of “get it, please go on”, like “you know” in English.

3. In real life, one of the most confusing part is ordering food. 

Words on menu are like magic spells. Now just point to the menu and say “zhè ge, zhè ge hé zhè ge”(this, this and this). As long as you know how to say “这个(zhè ge)”, you can go to the restaurants all over China. Similarly, when you are shopping, you can say “买这个,买那个(mǎi zhè ge, mǎi nà ge)(buy this, buy that)”.

4. Measure words are so many that a lot of Chinese people can’t use them in right way. 

Someone even create an adorable way to measure cats.

5. Now many young people call people "小哥哥/小姐姐"(xiǎo gē ge/xiǎo jiě jie). It means little elder brother or sister. When you use this call, the other side is not necessarily younger than you.

In Chinese, a character can be written in a simplified way or a traditional way. This is because in ancient China, there are only traditional characters. For convenience, more than 2000 characters were simplified. In Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and some areas in Guangdong District, people still use traditional Chinese characters.

7. Chinese learners know that usage of “的、地、得”(de) is hard because their pronunciation is the same when they are used as function words. The difference is to be added after nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

8. When you type the pinyin of one Chinese character, there are maybe dozens of characters waiting for you to pick…

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