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School Story from Jane Feng, the founder of SN Mandarin


My name is Jane Feng. We founded SN Mandarin Chinese School in 2007 to help international students study Chinese in an exceptional way.

Well, lots of friends are wondering about why the name is SN Mandarin.

First, I grew up in the North of China and I have lived in Shanghai for over a decade. Even in the same country I can feel the culture differences make the studying and life not that convenient.I want to help students from different countries be aware of cultural differences and then have an easy and convenient life in China.

Then, people from different regions of China talk differently. A typical example is you’ll hear a lot of “r”s when northerners start talking, but you definitely won’t hear it much in the South. Based on the differences we know, we will teach our students can understand and communicate with native Chinese speakers from no matter which part of China.

Third, you may look at our logo. There is a compass in our logo. The logo on our wall is a good reminder for all of our teachers. All teachers here help our students on their studying, guide them and show them the right way to go about the language and make it fun for them.

Ever since 2007, Our first 2 students were Chiara and Alessio from Italy and after that we have trained over thousand international students from over 100 countries. 

SN Mandarin comprises of 2 major departments: the Teaching Department and the Student Services Department. Our key staff in the Student Services Department have over 2 years’ experience either studying, working or living overseas. They are all very passionate about student services and are responsible for recruiting, visa processing, arranging accommodation and organizing extra-curricular activities.

And our staff at the Teaching Department, on the other hand, spends all their time making sure the students get the most out of their classes. All our instructors have a degree in teaching Chinese as a foreign language or more than one degree. 80% of them are MAs; 20% are BAs. 60% of them have at least 2 years’ overseas teaching experience, and all of them have taught for at least 3 years. On average, each instructor has trained over 500 students by now. 

We are very lucky to be blessed with a team of instructors that are full of passion, truly care for the students and simply love what they do. 

Now, SN Mandarin has become a language barrier buster over the past  years!

Join SN Mandarin today, SN Mandarin will help you realize your Chinese dream tomorrow!

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