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● Mission and values

SN Mandarin Chinese School, or South & North Mandarin, is named for the directions on a compass.  SN Mandarin’s goal is to guide all students who want to learn Chinese in China to reach their Chinese language skill goals and enable others to pursue their passions in life. 


SN Mandarin, as one of the Top Chinese Schools in Shanghai,exists to provide the best, most effective Chinese language education services and learning experiences.  All personnel at SN Mandarin Chinese School Shanghai are committed to creating and maintaining a trusting and caring environment where teaching and learning are exciting.


Since 2007, over 3000 students from more than 40 countries have been realized their Chinese dream with the supports from SN Mandarin.


SN Mandarin is Quality Mandarin School by IATCSOL, the Official HSK Test Center in Shanghai (Paper-and-Pen), the Strategic Partner with Confucius Institute Online.


Study Chinese in China with SN Mandarin Chinese School in Shanghai. There are different options for you to learn Chinese. SN Mandarin Chinese School, as a dynamic Chinese Academy under University, combines the authority, certification, visa supports,affordable prices of University and the flexibility,efficiency,small class sizes of private Chinese schools Shanghai,to offer you the best options to study Chinese in China and learn Chinese in Shanghai.

SN Mandarin believes learning Chinese should be a fun and interesting journey.  SN Mandarin has the effective teaching methods that help you reach your final destination, in learning Chinese,easier and faster, and prevent you from getting lost along the way.


Driven by the above mission, SN Mandarin, was created by a team of highly qualified, experienced, and caring teachers who want to share their love and in-depth knowledge of the Chinese language, and share the following values:
•   We value the ancient and robust Chinese language and culture
•   We value the authentic interests and intentions of all to learn and understand Mandarin Chinese
•   We value the time and financial investments made by our students
•   We value the trust we earn from our students to learn from the best, and in the most effective manner
•   We value the passion for teaching, experience, and sense of responsibility of all our teachers
•   We value all feedback from students and teachers in regards to all personal and classroom experiences  
•   We value continuous improvement and advancement in useful, practical and meaningful teaching methodologies


We value our mission and vision, and dedicate ourselves to living them on a daily basis!

Join us to study Chinese in China and SN Mandarin will help you Realize Your Chinese Dream!

Wondering about why the name is SN Mandarin? Check the Story from Jane Feng,  the founder of our Chinese School.

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