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How to transfer your 30-day X1 visa to student residence permit?


If you are to take a long term study and want to stay for 180+days, you will apply for X1 visa. It will break into two big steps:

Get X1 Visa first and transfer it to a 6-month multi-entry student residence permit in China.


--- Getting X1 Visa in your own country:

Step 1: go the nearest Chinese consulate or embassy to apply for your X visa, with all the documents listed above: School Admission Letter, JW202 Form from the education department, along with other required documents (photo, visa application form to get and fill onsite) and tell the visa officer you are applying for X1 visa so they will help check if your application documents are all right.

Step 2: if all is good, you will have your X1 visa issued after 2-7 working days from the embassy

Step 3: enter China with the 30-day X1 visa before it expires

Step 4: After your arrival in China, please follow the other steps to transfer the X1 Visa to a student residence permit within the first 30 days.


---Transfer it to a 6-month multi-entry student residence permit in China (with SN Mandarin, this is for your knowledge and the school will explain the details on your registration day so you can follow the steps to complete the process easily)

Step 1: Go to the nearest police station to get the Registration form of Temporary Residence (the regulation says it has to be done within 24hours after your arrival) and provide a photo/scan of this form to the school.


Step 2: Book a heath check and get the Heath Report : There is only one authorized place for this medical check and here is the website where you will book the appointment online beforehand. http://www.sithc.com/sithcen/  

Notes: It asks a copy of the school admission letter, so please prepare and bring it with you. Keep the original admission letter well for future usage please

It takes 4-5 working days to have the report, so please book the appointment as early as possible so you will have the report before the 30-day X1 Visa expires.


Step 3: After getting both of the above documents Registration form of Temporary Residence and Heath Report, you will go to the Shanghai Visa Bureau (the Entry-Exit Bureau in Shanghai) to transfer the X1 to residence permit. Documents required include:

3.1 Registration form of Temporary Residence

3.2 Heath Report

3.3 School’s Admission Letter original

3.4 Your Passport

3.5 JW202 form

3.6 A school letter to the bureau about residence permit transfer (issued from the school)

3.7 4 passport size photos



1.        If it’s the first time for you to apply visa in Shanghai, please go to F1 to take a digital photo for the system as required. It’s free if you don’t ask to print the photo

2.        You can ask for delivery service that will deliver your passport with ready visa when it’s ready

3.        You will pay the process fee when you pick up the passport: 400 for half year visa

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