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How to Register HSK Test in Shanghai?

SN Mandarin is one of the official HSK Test Centers in Shanghai and one of the only a few centers organizing HSK Test in Paper-and-pen style in Shanghai thanks to the special teaching methods and higher level of comprehensive skills most of the students achieve after same time of study.

Feel free to contact us for help in registering your HSK Test in Shanghai and we also have very efficient HSK Preparation courses for you to choose accoring to your plan.  

Tel: 65078056  Email: info@snmandarin.com  

You can also register online directly with the HSK Test Office Website listed below if you are familiar with the online payment method. If you have any questions regarding registering HSK Exam, feel free to call or email us. SN Mandarin is happy to help.

We won't charge you for the assistance and consultancy.

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