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A Wonderful Boarding Chinese Summer Camp for Kids 2019

Kun Shan - Shanghai - China

summer camp for kids in shanghai 2019

Organizer 主办方
Shanghai ShiGe Education | 世格教育

Co-organizer 协办方
SN Mandarin | 南北中文
Popular Science Base of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Campus Organization 承办方
Veritas Academy Meihua (Kunshan) Campus
美华国际学校 昆山校区

Camp Guide Unit 指导单位
Shanghai Foreign Exchange Centre 上海市对外交流中心


Almost the most affordable Boarding
Chinese Language & Culture Summer Camp in 2019



very safe with on-campus accommodation

very fresh & safe with the international school campus environment

small size with no more than 20 members in one group very high-quality teachers and service team

very professional & well-designed program calendar



Chinese language study, cultural exploration, STEAM activities,

Chinese language buddy, drama play together with Chinese kids, and

field trips well integrated into the camp



From just around 8K* for two weeks (early bird price)
all including

Chinese classes, activities, books, materials, food, trips, accommodation Learn More and Register



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chinese language and culture summer camp in shanghai


Chinese courses

We have researched and developed a short-term crash course of practical HSK course according to the vocabulary and language functional outline of HSK. The course will enable the students to quickly master the vocabulary of HSK 1 within one week and carry on survival stage communication in Chinese, equivalently the level of HSK1(qualified pass). The two-week systematic study can make the students master more than 200 most commonly used words and related knowledge of grammar and be able to have simple and direct communication in Chinese on some familiar daily topics, even if starting from zero, equivalently the level of HSK1+( excellent).

If your kids are not beginners, they will be placed into a group of a similar level to learn and improve based on their levels.

Traditional Chinese Culture Experience

The culture is soft power and the internal driving force of everything happening in China now. Culture is also the social ideology and the basis of social politics and economy. Traditional Chinese culture is the fundamental creativity of the achievements of Chinese civilization. It is the totality of the national moral heritage in history, various cultural thoughts, and spiritual ideologies. This study tour will explore traditional Chinese culture and appreciate the authentic classics. The teachers of traditional culture courses, whose majors are all international education of Chinese, have an average teaching experience of more than five years and the teaching experience in Chinese and cultural activities in domestic international schools. Chinese cultural activities, including soft pen calligraphy, rubbing, printing and dyeing, seal cutting, paper cutting, film appreciation, and children's stage play, etc.

Chinese Culture


Click to have the camp brochure for more details of the wonderful summer camp in 2019 

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An example of the camp schedule


Other Features

Fast Chinese 

We will carry out Chinese Speed-up Educational Program. The students’ skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing will all reach HSK 1 in two weeks if they are beginners. 

Diverse Culture Exp

Students will research and experience diverse Chinese culture through well-organized activities and classes.


Beautiful and Safe

 The campus is very beautiful with perfect facilities and nice air.


Parents are in Total Control with

We will make tracking report on the students’ daily life and present to parents daily so that you know what they've done and their achievement each day

Blended Study and Activites

Online and offline courses complement each other. Some activities are blended with Chinese kids to have a real Chinese language environment.

Well Guided in the Trips

Tour guide and exquisite souvenirs will be given during the tour.

Personalized Service

We well place classes and dormitories according to students’ different preferences and needs.

Further Study Service
If the students intend to study in China, we can provide accurate guidance for their further study.

Classic China Tours Available

Students will enjoy different kinds of food and visit the places of interests around China (with an additional week of traveling option).

Camp Term Options and Price

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