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HOW TO APPLY Visa-Supported Programs with SN Mandarin

Study Chinese in China with SN Mandarin Chinese Academy with the Chinese Immersion Programs will get your documents to Student Visa. Here is the basic information for your reference and please feel free to contact us for details if you have any questions.

1.Download "[APPLICATION FORM]" from our website to fill in the Application Form,print, sign, scan and send back to info@snmandarin.com

2. attach with a copy of your passport and

3. Photo of insurance that covers your stay in China (if you don't have, you can buy the international student insurance through the school 300RMB for one semester [click  here] for more details about the insurance )
4. Photo of the Registration form of Temporary Residence from the Police station closest to your accommodation in Shanghai [click to see a sample] if you are already in China.

5. Fill, print, sign and scan of the [Off-Campus Accommodation Registration Form for International Students] if you are in China and live out of the school 

6. After checking your application and confirmation, students will then pay application fee and other related fees (1000RMB/200$ as deposit)by bank to bank and
send back confirmation of payments, before the 10th of each month so as to have enough time to process visa documents in the same month,otherwise, it will be done in the following month.

7.We will then process the admission process and visa documents and send copy of Admission package to students by email.
8.Students will then pay Tuition fee by bank to bank and send back confirmation of payments.
9.We will then send the original Admission package by post or give them to students in our office if you are already in Shanghai.

Including :

School Admission Letter

JW202 Form from the education department

School Letter to the Visa Burau (available after your arrival in Shanghai to apply residence permit)

School Stamped Visa Application Form  (available after your arrival in Shanghai to apply residence permit)

Note: There is a term of validity for the issued documents to be used to apply for visa, we will inform you when the documents are ready to pick up or post. Please reply and make the payment within 3 working days so that we can pot or give you the documents as soon as possible and you will have enough time to apply within the validity. Otherwise, if the documents expires, you will have to repeat the application process and pay the fee again.
8.Students will then go to the closest Chinese Embassy in their place of residence to do the student visa or business visa application.


 What's the difference between X1 Visa and X2 Visa? How to apply Student Visa from outside of mainland China? 
 How to transfer X1 visa to student residence permit? How to apply Student Visa when you are in mainland China? 
 Semester Programs with Student Visa Supports 2016 School Dates



If you are registering a program supporting for 6-month multi-entry student visa, please remember to write the dates of study for 181 days, in stead of the exact program date.

For eg. if you are registering 2016 Autumn Semester, the date is September 5,2016-January 06,2017 (2016 Autunm Semster ) , it's 18 weeks of study, but you want your visa to be multi-entry ( more than180 days)  from the day when you will arrive. So you will write in the date area: September 05-March 06, 2017 which lasts for 6 months so that the visa officer will give you right documents for X1 Visa. If you just put the date as September 5,2016-January 06,2017 , the visa officer will give you a 4.5 month X2 visa which is single entry.
9.Go to school, pay the outstanding fees such as tuition, accommodation, and etc.


*IMPORTANT STEP If you are applying for a Multi-entry Student Visa (Residence Permit)

Please book a medical/health check as early as possible when you arrive in Shanghai with the 3-day X1 visa, you can book online easily, but please book it as early as possible so you will have the report ready before you will go to Shanghai Visa Bureau (the Entry-Exit Bureau in Shanghai). The website is http://www.sithc.com/sithcen/ 

 If you are applying directly in Shanghai for a multi-entry student visa (180-day residence permit based on student visa), you also need to book the medical check as early as possible, online from the same website above. http://www.sithc.com/sithcen/   Remember that you will need a copy of school's Admission Letter when you do the medical check. Please ask the school for the Admission Letter copy if you don't have it, before you go.

9. Starting your program as the plan


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