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Join us to go climbing ! 1-day bus trip to Qiong Long Mountain - SN Mandarin School Excursion


【Moutain Climbing】

Take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful autumn by climbing the

Qiong Long Moutain where we will find wonderful scenery and culture


study chinese in shanghai and climb mountain


【What time】

Friday, 10th Nov. 2017  

One Day Bus Trip with international friends

chinese language programs and culture expereince


1. Bus to Qionglong Mountain,which is located in Cangshu County on the southwestern part of Suzhou City. Because of high and steep mountain shape, green and fresh trees and plants, this mountain is always called as “Qionglong Blessing Place” and “A Gathering Place of Immortals

2. Shangzhen Temple is also located in Qionglong Mountain, originally built during the period of Han Dynasty’s Emperor Ping, with a history of more than 2000 years till now.

3.Wanghu Park(Lake View Garden) is the summit garden on Qionglong Mountain, with coverage of 60 acres. Every time Emperor Qianlong came to the south side of Yangtze River, he would come to this place to watch Tai Lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

4. Sun-Tzu Garden, the militarist in ancient time lived a hermit life here, writing the first book on the art of war in Chinese history called Sun Tzu’s Art of War Thirteen Chapters.

5. Breathing the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature and friendship

6.  Photo contest during the traveling and local souvenir award!

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【How to join?】

Scan the form below or click  to find more details and book your seat!

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