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7 Important Things you have to know before signing up for HSK Test

Jenny Wang, Chinese Teacher from SN Mandarin Shanghai

1. Paper -and-pen or Online?

Starting in 2010, there have been two versions of HSK test. One is paper-and-pen based and the other is electronic online.
Both are held at exactly the same time. The test items and standards are exactly the same as well.
So, before registering for the test, you should decide on which version you are taking.

What’s the difference?
A. For the paper-and-pen version, you need to register one mouth earlier, but for the online version, you only need to register 10 days in advance.
B. For the online test, you won’t need to write Chinese characters but you’ll have to know how to type Chinese characters on a computer, which you may not be familiar with at all.
MAKE that decision first, then you will know what to do for the following steps.

2. Week days or Weekends? Morning or Afternoon?

Test centers hold the test every month except for the Chinese New Year,and it is normally held on weekends, mostly on Saturdays. Level 2, Level 4 and Level 6 are scheduled to start at 9:00 in the morning and Level 1,
Level 3 and Level 5 at 1:30 in the afternoon.

3. In China or overseas?

Where can I take the HSK tests? Can I take them in my own country? There are more than 800 test centers in 108 countries and/or regions around the world and you  should feel free to arrange one for yourself that’s most convenient both location-wise and time-wise.

4. Would l get a certificate?

The net score for HSK Level 1 and Level 2 is 200 points. If you score anything at or above 60% (minimum 120 points) of the net score, yes, you will get an official certificate. Meanwhile, the net score for Level 3-6 is 300 and you’ll need to score a minimum of 180 points (60%) in order to qualify for a certificate.

5. How to Register?

Go to www.chinesetest.cn which is available in 7 languages, create an account with  your email and you should be able to register for the HSK tests with that account of yours. Alter

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