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Autumn Outing 2016 - One Day Bus Trip to Dianshanhu Lake and Zhujiajiao Water Town in Shanghai


【Autumn Outing 2016】
 One Day Bus Trip to 
 Dianshanhu Lake and  Zhujiajiao Water Town in Shanghai 

chinese school trips to water town in shanghai



Bus to Dianshanhu Lake, the biggest natural lake close to Shanghai, the size of 12 West Lakes in Hangzhou


Having a relaxing walk along the 380-Meter long causeway along the lake side and enjoy the natural andbeautiful view of the lake

3 Flying a kite of your dream to the sky in the grassy lawn area beside the lake and fly your soul to the sky


Running Man Games (Name Tag Ripping) with team members to release your power and energy

Taking and sharing homemade food for Picnic together with other international friends


Tasting of well-known traditional local snack food along the old street stores


Roaming through and Relaxing in the Real Idyllic Life Zhujiajiao Water Town, known as Venice of Shanghai

8 Shopping beautiful and interesting Art and Crafts, as well as exquisite souvenirs only available in the local stores

Free time for Wu Peng Boat (Boating with Black Awning, optional and extra cost ), Countryside walking



Beautiful and natural Dianshanhu Lake

chinese school trip to water town shanghai chinese school trip to water town in shanghai



【What time?】:

 Saturday, 12th November 
【Where we gather?】:

 Xuhui Campus , SN Mandarin

【8:30】:Gathering at Xuhui Campus (No.2271, West Zhongshan Road) (Yishan Road Station of Line 3,4 and 9) to take the school bus

【9:00】:Depart from downtown Shanghai and leave for Dianshanhu Lake

【10:30】:Arrive at Dianshanhu Lake, sightseeing and activities beside the lake

【12:00】:Self-Take Food/Snacks Picnic or Local Lunch in Zhujiajiao Water Tow

【13:00】:Bus to Ancient Zhujiajiao Water Town

【14:00】: Enjoy the rest of time in Zhujiajiao: Walk through the water town, have local snacks.

【16:00】:Prepare to return to Xuhui Campus  

【17:00】:Arrive at Xuhui Campus 


Beautiful Scenery of ancient water town


school trip to shanghai


Delicious Picnic or local food


【Wow, i want to join, but】



【Who can join?】:

Any foreigner living in Shanghai interested in learning more and experiencing real Chinese culture and have a fresh & relaxing spring outing with other international friends are welcome to join us, but please book your seat in advance.

Classic cultural studios along the ancient Zhujiaojiao Street

【Any Fee ?】


It's non-profit event, we just average and collect the direct cost including the round trip bus fee,food and drinks, lunch, entrance tickets... to each participant.

it's 160RMB for this time if you're students of SN Mandarin and book in advance.
260RMB if you are not current SN Mandarin students.


School will provide Water and Snacks on the bus, but lunch is not included in the price, please bring some

special food of your country or snacks for Picnic if you like to share with other international friends 

【How to Join?】


1) You can fill the form below to book your seat, or
2) Call us 021-65078056 /18918907656 or
3) Email us : info@snmandarin.com or
4) Wechat us: snmandarin / ChinesePal


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ChinesePal, our Chinese teacher and friend always by your side to help and it's Free! Press the QR Code below to scan and follow.

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