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2018 SN Mandarin Scholarship Application Procedure



2018 SN Mandarin Scholarship Application Procedure



In order to promote Chinese cultural transmission, cultivate talented students of Chinese language, SN Mandarin Headquarters launches the “SN Mandarin Scholarships” program for providing sponsorship to students of other countries for pursuing Chinese study.

一、 申请类别

I  Category

The 2018 SN Mandarin Scholarship Categories are 奖学金等级为
1. Intensive 30 Program Scholarship    1. 强化30 项目
A: 6000RMB  B: 4000RMB                    A等 6000元;B等4000元
2. Intensive 20 Program Scholarship    2. 强化20 项目
A: 5000RMB   B: 3000RMB                  A等5000元 B等 3000元
3. Flexible 12 Program Scholarship      3. 灵活 12项目
A: 1500RMB| B: 800RMB                    A等1500元 B等 800元



II Criteria

There are three levels/ categories of scholarship (A and B), as listed above. The criteria about if or not, and which level the applicants would receive will be based on the overall evaluation about the following points, after receiving application from students that meet the above Eligibility.


1.      Actual attendance rate: 90%≤B≤95% ;  95%<A≤100%

课堂真实出勤率:90%≤B≤95% ; 95%<A≤100%

2.      Final exam score, based on the exam papers marks: 86%≤B≤95% ; 95%<A≤100%
期末考试成绩:86%≤B≤95% ; 95%<A≤100%

3.      Overall performance score, teacher giving grade: A

学习整体表现教师评分: A

4.      Corresponding HSK exam score after one semester study:

HSK3 85%≤B≤95% ; 95%<A≤100%
HSK4 80%≤B≤90% ; 90%<A≤100%
HSK5 75%≤B≤85% ; 85%<A≤100%
HSK6 70%≤B≤80% ; 80%<A≤100%


III valuation Time:

The scholarship application is evaluated within the 2weeks after the program ending and receiving the scholarship application from applicants, and the final scholarship evaluation result will be publicized in the 3th week after the program ending. If it meets holidays, it might be delayed by up to one week.



IV Application materials

The scan of the Admission letter
The scan of passport and visa
The Application From for scholarship.

Sharing the study progress/fruits in the way of writing an essay or doing a video.



V. Disclaimer



1. Incomplete or unqualified applications will not be processed.

2. 申请材料弄虚作假,或非本人填写提交的,一经查实,申请资格将被取消。

2. Applicants will be disqualified from application in case of fraudulent application materials or application materials are completed and submitted by someone else.

3. 学校将以照片或者视频的形式全程记录奖学金获得者学习情况并保留所有权和使用权.

3.School will keep track of your study for the whole semester by picture or video and retain rights of ownership and usage of the materials.

4.  入学体检不合格,或中途退学、休学者,奖学金资格将被取消。

4. Scholarship will be canceled for those who do not pass the admission physical examination, drop out, or take schooling suspension during the study.

5 Scholarship is only open to application from those who register and take a program of more than 18 weeks of semester study.


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