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Firstly, we welcome you to join us and start your Chinese learning adventure. We firmly believe that your efforts combined with our service will help you fulfill and even surpass your goals in learning this interesting language. Upon completing the registration and payment, please carefully ready the Terms & Conditions, sign send back to confirm.



Please provide necessary information according to requirements of school, such as the contact information, valid passport, visa, medical report and so on and make required payment upon receiving your contract, in which the detailed fees and services are listed. In case of payment failure, the relevant services will not be guaranteed.

Each lesson is 45 minutes, for both group and private course. And small group class is run with a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 10 people. If less than 3 persons, class hours will be shortened by 1/3, but the course progress plan will be guaranteed. If the 11th or more students want to join, the school has to get all group members agree and refund 5% of paid tuition fee to students in the class after the extra students successfully joining.


We carry out holiday according to official Chinese holiday arrangements, and reserve the right to adjust class arrangements in order to better accommodate our or your schedule. The classes that you don’t attend, arrive late, leave early for personal reasons during non-holiday times will be treated as your absence (it won’t be made up and the absence without written message to school will influence your attendance rate that might bring problem for course and student visa renewal. Therefore please inform school in advance and prepare and make an effort to catch up with the group progress.我们会按照中国法定假日进行放假,并保有为更好安排学习而对假期安排进行调整的权利,在学校非假期期间,由于个人原因迟到,早退或不能参加课程的,我们将视为缺席,将不予弥补所缺课程,不请假缺席的将会影响出勤率,可能会影响续读和签证延期,请务必提前请假并想办法补课以跟上班课的进度。


All sample course schedules listed on website or price sheets are samples, the final course schedules is confirmed one month before class starts according to the enrollment and teaching arrangement. After group class starting, if you want to change course arrangements, you must give SN Mandarin a written notice within two weeks. Change will only be made upon availability and will not be available 2 weeks after lesson starting. For private lessons, if you (for students and teachers) wish to cancel or change your class for any reasons, please contact your teacher (or students) at least 24 hours in advance to well inform each other. Otherwise, students shall sign the class record of the missed classes as being taken and teachers shall give the lessons cancelled by teachers non-24-hour-in-advance for free.


All courses must finish within the agreed time after their starting dates. If not, Students will be deemed to waive their remaining lessons and no lesson transfer or refund will be available. The down payment is non-refunded if you cancel or cannot finish the course in time. Tuition fee is refundable if students cancel the course within two weeks after course starting, deducting the tuition of taken class (from beginning to the cancelation date). If students cancel the course two weeks after the starting, the tuition of taken class (from beginning to the cancelation date) will be deducted, and 20% of the remaining tuition fee will be charged as cancellation fee (check Course Cancelation and Refund Policy for more details). The course registration fee is non-refundable;



Finally, we wish you a happy, enjoyable, and fruitful Chinese learning journey! 最后,祝您学习愉快!

All the rights and obligations are stated expressly above. Any verbal communications and promises by the staff are invalid and unenforceable.  SN Mandarin reserves the right to explain the aforementioned terms and conditions.


Complaints Policy : Download PDF or READ ONLINE


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