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2018 Prices : Learning Chinese in Shanghai with SN Mandarin School


Happy new year to all!

In this season of joy, love, and hope for the new year, we, all staff from SN Mandarin wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a peaceful and prosperous new year in 2018!


To continually provide best Chinese language training services through having more and more professional & experienced teachers join us, developping more and more efficient learning materials and improving facilities, and keep the service available to our dearest students at the most affordable price, the school decided NOT to increase the price as most schools and service prviders do, 10-30%. However, we've decided to finalize the minutes for each lesson to be 45 minutes instead of 50 minutes (for 1on1 class in 2017), which improves the learning efficiency for students and the working efficiency of teachers. (It's been 45 minutes for group classes since 2013 and it keeps same as before for group classes. Only the private classes change in 2018)


Based on the past years of teaching and learning with students, we found that for adult learners, 45 minutes as one lesson and two together, 90 minutes each standard session, is the most efficient way, both economically, timely and in the learning result.It's only 5 minutes less for each lesson (compared to past way), but saves you 30 minutes for two lessons, giving you more flexibility for other working arrangement, more ease to have class than having to keep two hours each time for class, with 20 minutes as break.


So, here are the details about this change:

1.All of our offline traning courses adopt the arrangement of 45 minutes as one lesson and 90 minutes for each standard session, since Jan. 1, 2018, for both corporate clients and individual clients.


2.If you have agreement with your course consultant about your new learning plan based on former package of 50 minutes per lesson (1 hour with 5-10 minutes break), and complete your payment before Jan. 31, the paid package will charge as the former way.


3.For the remaining course hours purchased before Jan.1, 2018, it will go as before until the purchased hours are completed.


4.For the course hours purchased before Jan.1, 2018, but not started yet, it will it will go as before until the purchased hours are completed.


5.If you can only do 1 hour of class each time (although 90 minutes is better), the hourly rate will be counted in the way: (price/lesson)/45*60.


For eg. if the price/lesson your package is 130RMB, for each hour, the price will be 130/45*60=173.3RMB.


In one word, the list price for each lesson is kept same as 2017 (find the price below), but the length of each lesson is optimized to be 45 minutes per lesson in stead of 50 minutes, to improve both the efficiency in time, cost, effort and result.


For private 1on1 and 2on1, the price is:

Private Chinese Language Course Pricing RMB|USD (45 minutes per lesson)

Number of Lessons

10-30 Lessons

31-60 lessons



Price/Lesson/Person 1on1

200 RMB | 35$

160RMB | 27$

150 RMB | 25$

130 RMB | 22$

Price/Lesson/Person 2on1

150 RMB | 25$

120 RMB |20$

110 RMB | 19$

100 RMB | 17$


For Group class, it is same as 2017.

Again, wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a peaceful and prosperous new year in 2018!


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