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iRead Character Course
iRead Chinese Characters Courses :
Be prepared to shock all your Chinese friends with your knowledge and ability in reading Chinese!
iRead Chinese Characters


Course Description

Know how to speak Chinese, but wish you could master those complex Chinese characters?  This course is for you!  Our experienced teachers understand the common difficulties that prevent non-native Chinese from learning to read Chinese, and developed unique curricula to address these challenges.  Whether you’ve never attempted to learn Chinese characters (Level 1) or you’re looking to improve the speed and accuracy of your reading (Level 2), we have created materials and teaching methodologies to effectively teach you to read Chinese.

Don’t feel discouraged if you have failed at previous attempts to read Chinese characters.  Our unique and creative teaching methods have taught complete beginners to read 200-300 unique characters within 1 month!  Note that knowing 300 Chinese characters will allow you to read 70% of a Chinese newspaper. 

What will I learn?

You will establish a strong foundation by learning how the written Chinese language works, including secrets behind character formation and structure.  At 20 lessons per level, Level 1 will teach you 200-300 words, and Level 2 will teach you an additional 500-600 words.

How will I learn?

Our custom-written course books follow the Hermann Ebbinghaus memory curve optimize your learning.  This course will easily and effectively teach you to read Chinese characters.  We use multiple methods and teaching tools to improve your reading skills in a fun and interesting way, including flashcards, funny stories, etc.

 Packages & Pricing

Registration: 200rmb, free if you are already learning with other courses with us
Tuition:2000 RMB/level (20 lessons), totally 2 levels
Books and Materials:50RMB/level
1, iRead Chinese Character TextBook, Flashcards& hand-outs developed by SN Mandarin
2, Wechat/App Learning Resource Newsletter on the phone 


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