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iSpeak Accurate Pronunciation

Course Description

Want to sound like a native Chinese speaker?  Most people do not believe foreigners can ever sound like native Chinese speakers, however we have proven otherwise.  Due to popular demand, we have designed a special pronunciation course and helped clients overcome all of the following:
1. Inability to differentiate tones
2. Inability to remember different tones
3. Strong foreign accents
Be prepared to shock all your Chinese friends with your accurate pronunciation!

What will I learn?

This course is designed to help you perfect your Chinese pronunciation.  After 20 lessons, you will sound like a native Chinese speaker.  This includes understanding pronunciation rules, training your muscles to make Chinese sounds, and correcting any bad pronunciation habits you might have picked up.

How will I learn?

Our experienced teachers are trained to pinpoint students’ pronunciation challenges across all foreign accents.  We developed a comprehensive pronunciation course, comprised of 10 chapters, with each chapter focused on different pronunciation challenges.  Students will gradually learn accurate pronunciation, progressing from single syllables to words, phrases, short sentences, and long sentences.

When will new iSpeak Accurate Chinese Pronunciation Course Start?

New group of iSpeak Accurate Chinese Pronunciation Courses in Shanghai start on the first week of each month. Schedule options include:

-Daytime Group Chinese Class: 9-11:30AM / 1-3:30PM / 3:30-6:00PM (one of these 3 and Monday to Friday or M.W.F)

-Evening Group Chinese Class:7-8:30PM on Mon.& Wed. / Tue. & Thur.

-Weekend Group Chinese Classes: 2-3:30 PM, 15-minute break and then 3:45-5:15PM on Sunday or Saturday


1, You may join the current group of your level from any Monday

2, New Group starts on the first week of each Month (Click   here   to check  for specific dates in 2015), it may move to a later week once there are holidays

Packages & Pricing

Registration: 200rmb, free if you are already learning with other courses with us
Tuition:1000 RMB/level (10 lessons), totally 2 levels
Books and Materials:50RMB/level
1, Accurate Pronunciation,Flashcards& hand-outs developed by SN Mandarin
2, Wechat/App Learning Resource Newsletter on the phone

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