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iTalk Conversational Chinese Course

Course Description

Interested in holding seamless conversations in Chinese, but short on time?  This course is perfect for individuals who may not have a lot of time (e.g., short-term business trips, travels), but wish to learn to converse in Chinese.  More formal language courses may teach you the correct vocabulary, but this course focuses on teaching you to have real life conversations quickly.  We have custom designed this course to help you learn to converse about practical, everyday topics.  Beginners start with more simple expressions and basic topics, while more advanced speakers can learn complex expressions over the full range of topics. 

What will I learn?

Learn to interact naturally with native speakers, understand common colloquialisms, express yourself, and overcome your fear of speaking Chinese.  Through 3 levels, 20 lessons each, you will learn 100 situations over 30 topics.

Example topics by level:
• Elementary – Taking a taxi, buying food, asking directions, setting appointments, etc.
• Intermediate – Explaining your feelings and opinions about books, traveling experiences, music, food, marriage, education, etc.
• Advanced – Interviewing, expressing your creative ideas and dreams, discussing different points of view on renting vs. buying housing, differences between men and women, etc.

How will I learn?

We use a multi-dimensional teaching method to deliver our custom-designed course, which has been developed using first-hand experiences and feedback from over 300 customers.  Our fully certified and experienced teachers prepare customized lessons, combining each of the following to deliver fun, interesting, and effective lessons: 
• High level of classroom interaction (e.g., role play, conversations, debate, games, presentations, workshops, etc.)
• Full immersion in Chinese environment using real-life scenarios and dialogue
• Focus on building confidence in active, open environment

When will new iTalk Conversational Chinese Course Start?

New group of iTalk Conversational Chinese Courses in Shanghai start on the first week of each month. Schedule options include:

-Daytime Group Chinese Class: 9-11:30AM / 1-3:30PM / 3:30-6:00PM (one of these 3 and Monday to Friday or M.W.F)

-Evening Group Chinese Class:7-8:30PM on Mon.& Wed. / Tue. & Thur.

-Weekend Group Chinese Classes: 2-3:30 PM, 15-minute break and then 3:45-5:15PM on Sunday or Saturday


1, You may join the current group of your level from any Monday

2, New Group starts on the first week of each Month (Click   here   to check  for specific dates in 2017), it may move to a later week once there are holidays

Packages & Pricing

Registration: 200rmb, free if you are already learning with other courses with us
Tuition:2000 RMB/level (20 lessons), totally 3 levels
Books and Materials:50RMB/level
1, iTalk Conversation Chinese, PPT, Flashcards& hand-outs developed by SN Mandarin
2, Wechat/App Learning Resource Newsletter on the phone

Other Standalone Skills Class Options:

 iSpeak Accurate Pronunciation Class  iRead Character Course  iWrite Blog and Essays iTalk Conversational Class 


Standalone skills classes are designed for those who learned general Chinese before are already learning, but feel they are weak in some special part of the language skills, like spoken Chinese, reading characters, or want to focus on improving the tones and pronunciation.  

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