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Business Chinese Course

Course Description

Looking to use Chinese in professional setting?  Impress clients, coworkers, or employers with your fluency in all things business – from daily usage to interviews and presentations.  This course is designed for individuals who already know elementary Chinese (~HSK 3) and can hold basic Chinese conversations.

Note:  Beginners should begin with the Essential Chinese course to learn the most practical vocabulary and communication skills.

What will I learn?

This course focuses on teaching the most useful Chinese skills in a business setting.  You will learn vocabulary, grammar, and expressions specific to real-life business situations (e.g., self and company introductions, client meetings, negotiations, factory visits, business trips, etc.).  Topics cover current hot topics (e.g., housing bubble) as well as a variety of industries – logistics, trade, finance, retail, sales, marketing etc.  An averagely 60lessons package will enable you to complete a level. 

How will I learn?

We use a variety of tools and methods to effectively teach the most useful topics.  In addition to thoughtfully selected course books, we use situational dialogue and role play to mimic realistic situations and videos to discuss current events and business trends. 

When will new Business Chinese Course Start?

New group of Business Chinese Courses in Shanghai start on the first week of each month. Schedule options include:

-Daytime Group Chinese Class: 9-11:30AM / 1-3:30PM / 3:30-6:00PM (one of these 3 and Monday to Friday or M.W.F)

-Evening Group Chinese Class:7-8:30PM on Mon.& Wed. / Tue. & Thur.

-Weekend Group Chinese Classes: 2-3:30 PM, 15-minute break and then 3:45-5:15PM on Sunday or Saturday

1, You may join the current group of your level from any Monday

2, New Group starts on the first week of each Month (Click  here to check  for specific dates), it may move to a later week once there are holidays

Packages & Pricing

 Registration  200rmb
 Tuition  4800 RMB (4 Lessons per week, 15 weeks in total)
 Books and Materials


 1, Road to Success Chinese A Series of Progressive Chinese Text Book for Foreigners
 Book 1 Lower Elementary:  ISBN: 9787561921623 by Beijing Language and Culture University Press, BLCUP
 2, Complementary Pronunciation Materials, Flashcards & hand-outs developed by SN Mandarin
 3, Wechat/App Learning Resource Newsletter on the phone

Click the level chart below to check our detailed level description.

chinese level system

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