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Learn Chinese Online -SN Mandarin Online

Learning Chinese was never this easy!

At SN Mandarin we bring some of the most amazing Chinese learning courses that you can ever expect to get out there in the market. Whether you are looking for a place that can help to Learn Chinese for kids or adults, we have got it all covered here at SN Mandarin!

All our courses are developed after meticulous research. And, the simple three step approach that we employ here i.e. ‘Choose – Enroll – Learn’ makes it all the more easy for anyone and everyone to become a master of the language without breaking a sweat!

If you are interested in learning business Chinese and go for HSK test preparation or want to teach mandarin to your kids, we are here with everything you need.

Explore our website, and get to know more about what we have at offer! So, are you up for it?



Cloud-based solution allowing users to learn online or on-the-go via tablet or smartphone, whether in a classroom, in a corporate setting, or in a personal learning environment.

Learn Chinese on-the-go
Learn Anywhere Anytime You Want.

Learn at your pace
Online 365 Interactive Courseware.

Learn What you want
Adaptive Courses with Different Topics at Different Levels to select and choose.

Learn and Speak Freely
360-degree recording function for you to learn, speak and compare untill you sound perfect.

Speak and Show
Have your own voice into the Video with full-of-fun Dubbing.



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