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Alva Cao

Education Degree: University of Shanghai Convention & exhibition planning and management
Teaching Experience: 6 years+
Popularity: ★★★★★        
Hobby: Swimming, Chinese Foods Cooking
Skilled-in Courses: Basic Chinese Course,Reading Course,Shanghai Dialect Course


Self introduction in english:
Welcome to S&N Mandarin!As a school teacher, I am really glad to have the opportunity to accompany you to learn together . Since 2010 , I started working in this industry,and I’ve already taught many students from different countries ,in my class,you can speak Chinese with impunity,wrong does not matter,because I'm here.Experience has taught me that no matter what country you come from, whether you haven ever studied Chinese before, if you want to learn,I will patiently for you better each lesson, and every time you finish a lesson,you will find Chinese has become increasingly easier.Comequickly!Let’s begin together this fun learning journey!

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