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Study Chinese in Shanghai

SN Mandarin offers Free Assistance to you to find a Most Proper Accommodation in Shanghai


 Study Chinese in Shanghai and Shared Apartment in Shanghai

 Housing/Accommodation is more and more expensive in Shanghai and it's sometimes really difficult to secure a nice room at affordable price when you are not in Shanghai. To better meet the needs of our international students who would like to live out of the boring dormitory, and at the same time, to live with dynamic community, local and international, safe and well served apartment, SN Mandarin have organized Shared Apartments in different locations of Shanghai. They are clean, modern, safe, close to subway, afordable and friendly.


Goverment Sponsred Dormitory  

To better serve international students who are coming to Shanghai to learn Chinese and help them survive the growing cost of the housing in Shanghai, SN Mandarin is now having Government Sponsored Student Dormitory in Shanghai.

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Tips about finding accommodation in Shanghai.

There are different options, but for foreigners to have a safe, well equipped and leagal accommodation, many issues have to be considered.

Contract Term : To rent an independant apartment in Shanghai, it's normally from at least 1 year for contract and the payment method is normally 2-3-month rental as deposit and 2-3-month rental each time. And if youIt's a lot for students who may just stay for 1-2 semester. It's really not flexible and out of your control sometimes.  Shared apartments are much more flexible, both in terms, payment methods... Some may require you to find replacement if you will leave before your contract finishes.

Police Registration: it's required that all foreigners should do the police registration within 24 hours after entry to China. To register, it's free, but you need your passport, the rental contract and sometimes, the house owners's ID and ownership certificate that some house owners are not willing to provide. It may delay or make your police registration impossible which will cause a fine/punishment.  Make sure to double check the accommodation providers before your payment if you are finding yourself. Also, this applies to AirBNB.

Wife/Internet: Shared apartment normally comes with WIFI/Internet ready so you don't worry about it, and just pay a little fee.

Services: Shared apartment comes with services that help you when you meet problems in air conditioners, water, electricity... which can be very difficult when you have a room directly from a Chinese landlord


What will be the cost of our shared apartment per month?

Rental:3000-4500/Month/Room, depending on the location, size and conditions of the room. Plus the electricity, water fee based on how much you used, normally 100-200RMB a month.

Deposit: 2 month of rental  Payment: Monthly Payment possible  Service Fee : 600RMB for after rental household repair like AC,toilte, pipes...

Possible Penalty: To have the best monthly rental, the renting contract is from 1 year. If you have to leave before the contract finishes and you can't find a replacement, the deposit will not be returned. 


Housing Facts:

AGE RANGE: 18 - 45 years old
LOCATION: In the city center of Shanghai
HOUSING TYPE: Shared apartment
ROOM TYPE: Single-person room
BOARD TYPE: No meals
FACILITIES: 24/7 supervision, air conditioning, carpet, free internet, heating, kitchen, laundry, tv room, and wireless internet
DISTANCE TO SCHOOL: 10-30 minutes walk a way or by subway

A big apartment with 3-6 bedrooms, shared living room, kitchen, washrooms

9-25 QMs/ Single Room with bed, TV, WIFI, wardrobe, desk… IKEA STYLE


Photos of some apartments and houses for your reference. Please contact for specific details when you want to book.


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